Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Comics are on an all time high!
When you have a powerhouse like Disney at the helm, anything from an amazing movie starring the Avengers to this can happen:

In addition to an already announced radio advertising campaign (see “Marvel Announces Radio Ad Campaign”) Marvel Entertainment has announced a number of other gambits to raise the profile of its Marvel NOW launches, the latest of which will involve the appearance of the Marvel superheroes on America’s favorite quiz show Jeopardy during the installment of the long-running show that airs nationwide on Thursday, December 13th. 
According to information released by Marvel today, the December 13th iteration of Jeopardy will “feature a special category in which we’ll find out just how much the contestants know about Marvel NOW!’s most popular characters and their exciting new comic book series.”

For your Marvel and DC comics fix, Batman, Superman, Thor, Iron-man and Captain, you can get them all at one place..our place. :)

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