Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I-Pad's Play house trouble for Comic Books? I think not.

I'm going to call this blog, The I-Pad's Big Adventure!
Technology is an adventure that will continously fail, meaning that we will NEVER see the ultimate I-Pad or computer or game system because they will always be outdone! There has been several dozen inventions that have put the fear of "technological advancement" into comic retailers every time! For example Radio, TV, Personnal projectors, CD ROM, DVD, I-Pod and now the I-Pad! Even with all of these supposed "industry killers" comics are still around!

Why is that? Glad you asked...
Comics have had an adventure too, one that's lasted for thousands of years!
The comic media can be held close and are secure! Sure you can hold an I-Pad close to your heart, but when the upgrades are too costly or a new company makes a better gizmo where does that leave your incompatable collection of digital comics then? You guessed it, the digital graveyard.

Now let's take your comic collection that you've showered with Tender Love and Care. Maybe it was even passed down to you from your father, or mother, or brother or grandfather you get the pic, and you've got what I call a little TLC or a Tangible Longevity Collectible!
When was the last time your Dad came to you and said, "son, this here Radio has been in my family for 50 years! I want you to listen to your favorite comic book story on it..." or how about this, "daughter, I want you to take this here CD ROM that only plays on DOS and put it into your computer and read your favorite comics..."

Comic books are simply never going to go away. There will always be someone who conisders themselves an artist or writer and there will always be someone who wants to collect thier work without fear of losing it to the non stop digital upgrade change!

So retailers please keep your chin up and collectors keep your money away from the digital comic money pit!

Peace and chicken grease!

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