Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Comics Aren't Going Anywhere!

Identity Crisis DC Comics
(One of the Best Stories Ever...WOW!)

The one thing about all of us (parents, fathers, mothers, singles whomever you are) is that we will never allow our lives to be fully ran by computers or become dependent on or machines ourselves. Think Terminator, or 2001 Space Odyssey, we're all freaked out about letting this happen and Hollywood will continue to make sure we remember that!

What's my point you ask? Simply put, you can do just about everything on the computer, your phone, your ipod etc. but there is no replacing the comfort of curling up on your soft cozy couch, leaning back in your large comfy recliner, or sitting under the shade of a large tree in a breezy park and getting lost within the familiar panels, colors, characters and even smell of a good ol fashion heroes versus villains comic book!

Whether your in the industry (retail comic shops) or a fan, I would'nt worry about ever losing this media. If anything comics/graphic novels will continue to produce great writers, artists and stories of achievement from a super level to an ordinary one, simply put comics will allow us to stay creative and that is the foundation of staying human!

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