Sunday, June 7, 2009

Watch for bashin' advertisin'

What's bashin' advertisin' ? Simple. You go into XYZ comic book shop, you tell them you shop somewhere else, they say "oh, I've heard he sucks! Want to shop here instead?" Bashin' Advertisin' and yes, this happens unfortunately.
I'm here to warn you, our customers, that should you enter one of these shops that uses bashin' advertisin' to please inform that store owner that you are not going to tolerate their bashin' advertisin' and walk right out. Bashin' advertisin' is a cheap trick that many stores will use in leau of good business tactics. You can spot a bashin' advertisin' store by watching our for these signs:

1. The store clerk comes up with an elaborate story as to why you shouldn't EVER go back to your regular comic book shop, proclaiming he's heard people have died there!
2. The store clerk frowns and shakes their head at you when you tell them where you shop as if you had just confessed all your murders to them and they were a priest hearing your confession.
3. The store clerk eagerly agrees with your story of disgust with your current store in which you totally made up the name of the store, city and country its located in and says they too have had that problem with them recently!
4. The store clerk begins to cry and sob at your story about a missed comic pull and hugs you deeply, crying and telling you "God man, I feel your pain...let it out man, let it out, we're here for you."
5. The store clerk responds to your every inquiry, with "We have that, you don't need to go back there ever again."
6. They laugh at you when you tell them how much you bought something for and say "man that guy really ripped you off!"
7. The store clerk gets overly emotional and says something like "that mother%#$er, let's go burn his $#&*#in place down!"

I hope this blog helps you to understand that bashin' advertisin' is not good, and is a sure sign of trouble in doing business with that business!
Thanks for reading.

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